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Gerbil – a farm in the of the of Russia. It is part of the .StoryIn the „List of places of the Land of the Don Cossack", published in 1864, the settlement is referred to as a farm Peschansky (Sandy) as part of the yurt of the Ilovlinskaya village of the Second Don District, near the Ilovle River, located 163 versts from the district village of Nizhne-Chirskaya. In Peschanskoye there were 43 courtyards and 270 inhabitants (122 men and 148 women). According to the List of Populated Areas of the Don Cossack Region according to the 1873 census, there were 85 households on the farm and 287 male and 328 female souls lived.In 1928 the farm Verkhne-Peschansky and Nizhne-Peschansky were included in the Ilovlinsky district of the Stalingrad district of the Lower Volga region (since 1934 – the Stalingrad region, since 1936 – the Stalingrad region). Both settlements were part of the Peschansky village council (administrative center – khutor Nizhne-Peschansky). In 1963, the Ilovlinsky district was abolished, and the Peschansky village council was transferred to the Frolovsky district. In 1964, in accordance with the decision of the executive committee of the Volgograd Regional Council of Working People’s Deputies dated October 30, 1964 No. 30/493, the farm Nizhne-Peschansky was liquidated, and its inhabitants were relocated to the farm Verkhne-Peschansky, which begins to be called the Peschanka farm. In 1965 Peschanka became part of the newly formed Ilovlinsky region. On April 9, 1973, the Peschansky village council was abolished, and the farm was transferred to the subordination of the Ilovlinsky council.GeographyThe farm is located in the central part of the Volgograd Region, in the steppe zone, within the Volga Upland, on the left bank of the Ilovlya River, at a distance of about 2 kilometers (in a straight line) north of the urban-type settlement Ilovlya, the administrative center of the district. The absolute height is 44 meters above sea level. TimezoneThe Peschanka farm, like the entire Volgograd region, is located in the time zone MSK + 1. The time offset from UTC is +4: 00.Population Gender compositionAccording to the 2010 All-Russian Population Census, in the gender structure of the population, men accounted for 47.6%, women – 52.4%, respectively. National compositionAccording to the results of the 2002 census, Russians accounted for 85% of the 473 people in the national structure of the population.StreetsThe street network of the farm consists of nine streets and one lane.

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