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The buttocks, like your face, are classified according to their silhouette. To take advantage of the shape of your buttocks there are specific ways to exercise it and it all depends on how each of them is classified.
Yes, your rear has a classification and knowing it will help you find the best exercises according to the shape of your buttocks. Just as there are round, triangular or oval faces, your glutes have a specific type too.
How to classify the shape of the buttocks
According to their shape, they are basically cataloged in four ways: square, heart-shaped, inverted triangle and round buttocks. Although they all have their charm, there are specific exercises to stylize them and give them a slimmer shape. Determine (you can help yourself by taking a photo) your silhouette and include new steps to your training routine to get stronger glutes.
Square glute
This type of shape is characterized in that the shape of the buttocks falls a little in the lower part and increases its size in the upper part, towards the waist. You will need to focus on the lateral muscles. A recommended exercise is to take a dumbbell with your left hand, bend your arm and bring it up to your chest. Then, maintaining the position, bend your left knee to the front and the right lower it until it almost touches the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat alternating the weight of the hand and making it coincide with the knee that is bent. It is a variant of the common squat and is very helpful to give better shape to the legs and buttocks.
Heart-shaped glutes
In this case, the buttocks have more volume in the lower part of the buttocks and are tapering to the sides. It is best to work them together with the thighs, an ideal exercise is the backward strides, which help to give more volume to the gluteus, since it mainly works the gluteus maximus. This exercise is also known as splits or lunges.
While standing, one leg should be brought back and we should try to form a 90-degree angle between both legs. If we contract the abdomen, we will achieve a straight posture, which is essential to perform this exercise correctly, the repetitions will depend on your level of training.
Inverted triangle
The top, near the waist, is wider than the bottom. For this glute shape, coaches recommend working the hips to try to turn this shape around. Squats are great for toning your glutes. Spread your legs until your feet are away from your hips. Grab a dumbbell with both hands, like holding a cup, and keep it at chest level. Squat down as far as you can with your back straight. Then you go up and repeat the movement.
Round glute
It's the perfect butt shape. To keep them firm and toned, perform exercises that work all the muscles in the area. The plie squats or plie squats are ideal. Stand tall and open your legs until your feet are away from your hips. Put your hands on your waist, keep your back straight and look straight ahead. Turn your feet out a little and crouch down. Your knees should be at an angle of less than 90 degrees. Get up again and repeat.
These are some examples of exercises so that you can tone the muscles of the buttocks, legs and abdomen, however it is necessary to work constantly and with varied exercises, it is most recommended that you take some gymnastics classes, it will surely help you to motivate yourself more and get better results.

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