Amil Baba
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Finding sort of blessing in any matter is called Istikhara. It is known as Free Istikhara “Seek the blessing from Allah, he will bless you”. Amil Baba Molana Qari Hassan Raza Sultani is providing Free Istikhara services, by Qualified Muslim Scholars. Seeking guidance from Allah in any issue or matter that Allah advise us to act or not, and make it clear for us that which decision is better for us? Imam Novi (R.A) said while describing Sahi Muslim that “Seeking advice from Allah and asking suggestion from Scholars is due because generally a man has deficiencies in his knowledge and its level of thinking is not that much mature, because it is born weaker.”

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We offer the following services:

• Free online istikhara

• Horoscope, make or match for marriage

• Online free zaicha, amliyat

• Problems in love, domestic, husband & wife, business etc

• Services, employment, etc

• Free daily horoscope

• Free spirtual, zodiac

• Ask a question to an astrologer

• Free contact for any problem

• Help for all, for any problem 24 hours



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