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When you wake up with swollen eyes in most cases it can be due to lack of adequate rest, insomnia or some cause of a kidney nature or fluid retention. However, there are some very practical solutions to end eye puffiness and reverse it naturally.
Sometimes we wake up with puffy eyes, either in the eyelid area or under the eyes. Normally the swelling disappears with the passing of the day, but this does not mean that it is not an annoying situation due to the appearance that the face acquires. And it is also a sign that something is not working quite well in our body and we must be more attentive.
About fluid retention
In case of having swollen eyelids or bags under the eyes, the possibility of suffering from some kind of problem with fluid retention should not be ruled out. The main reason why it happens is that the kidney is overloaded, causing the elimination of fluids not to be done quickly.
An excessive dinner, little night's rest and bad habits can also be the cause of this type of inconvenience. You can know some health tips to avoid the appearance of puffy eyes:
• Eat more soups, leek broths, lettuce, onion, asparagus, and the like.
• Prepare an infusion of burdock, horsetail and dandelion.
• A lemonade with ginger and stevia will help you.
• Drink more natural juices.
• Of course, do not rule out adequate hydration, so drink plenty of water during the day, since by keeping your body hydrated you will also avoid the formation of dark circles and inflammation around the eyes.
As for dinner, it may be advisable to do some of the following practices:
• Don't eat after 8.
• Give preference to foods that are light.
• Avoid consuming salt.
• Don't eat until you feel full, ideally you should be left a little hungry. This will disappear in about 15 minutes. Especially when you eat too quickly, since if we chew correctly, by eating slower we will process food better and we will eat the exact portion that our body needs.
What to do in the morning if you wake up with puffy eyes?
Drink two glasses of water while fasting and then make a green tea with ginger.
• Wash your face with cold water.
• Put two slices of fresh cucumber in each of the eyes for 15 minutes.
• Wash your face again and hydrate with your usual lotion.
You can also make a homemade tonic for puffy eyes.
The ingredients are:
• 10 drops of vitamin E.
• Juice of half a lemon.
• A medium cucumber that is blended.
Prepare a juice with the two foods, put it in a spray bottle and add the drops of vitamin E. With the help of the bottle you will be able to use it directly on your face. This preparation can be kept for up to 7 days in the fridge.

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