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There are natural solutions to generate a lightening effect on the skin and restore all its natural shine, the products used are totally natural and easy to make.
Factors such as the sun's rays, hormones, acne or the use of inappropriate makeup, in the long run can cause the appearance of spots on the skin, or simply darken some areas of our skin. This hyper or hypo pigmentation represents an aesthetic problem that is very frustrating for some people.
Depending on the causative agent, there are many preventive measures to avoid this problem or to reverse it by clearing the skin. If you do not know what causes stains, hypo or hyper pigmentation on your skin, it is recommended that you go to a dermatologist who can help you identify the problem. Once identified, it will be much easier for you to establish a treatment for it.
Homemade preparations for a lightening effect
However, the sun is usually the main cause of these types of problems. That is why a correct daily sun protection will help you prevent it from getting much worse.
If you prefer the natural before the commercial, we explain step by step how to prepare these incredible 5 homemade masks with lightening effect:
1. Lemon mask:
Lemon is some citrus fruit rich in many vitamins, the best known being vitamin C. For this reason, it offers an important regulation in the production of melanin (a substance in the skin that protects it from ultraviolet rays and causes pigmentation).
In addition to this, lemon is an important source of citric acid, known to promote cell regeneration. Squeeze a lemon, and apply its juice to the affected areas. Put it on at night and let it act all night. In the morning, remove it with plenty of warm water. Try to remove all the lemon juice from your skin, since if it comes into contact with the sun's rays it can generate even more serious spots.
2. Homemade preparation of aloe vera (aloe) and lemon:
The aloe vera is known for having many health benefits skin , including highlights its lightening and moisturizing effect . For this you will need the pulp or crystal of a leaf of aloe vera (aloe), the juice of ½ lemon and 1 tablespoon of milk.
To obtain the pulp, you must wash and peel the aloe leaf well, in a container, combine all the ingredients until you obtain a smooth and crystalline consistency. Apply to the affected areas of your skin and leave it to work overnight. In the morning remove the mask rinsing with plenty of water. Then do your facial hygiene as usual.
3. Baking soda paste:
This salt offers many benefits for the body, among them it’s incredible lightening action on the skin. In a container add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and add a few drops of lemon, until you see a reaction producing some bubbles. Then apply the mask on the affected areas and let it work for 30 minutes. After time, remove the mixture from your face rinsing with warm water. Perform 3-4 times a week for quick results.
4. Milk magnesia and yogurt mask:
You will need 2 tablespoons of milk magnesia and 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt. Mix both products and add a few drops of coconut oil to the mixture. Stir vigorously until smooth. Then apply the mask on the skin of your face and neck, and let it act for 40 minutes. Once that time has passed, remove the mixture by rinsing with plenty of warm water. Perform this mask every night before sleeping for 1 or 2 weeks until you get the desired results.
5. Rose mask:
This flower is famous for its excellent benefits for the skin.
• Ingredients needed for this preparation:
• 1 tablespoon of glycerin
• 5 rose petals
• almonds oil
• 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds.
Put the petals in a pot with 1 ½ cups of water. Once it boils, remove from the heat and let it cool. Grind the sunflower seeds. Later, join all the ingredients in a container, and stir until you get a mixture of smooth consistency. Then apply a thick layer of the mask on the skin of your face and let it act for 30 minutes. After the lapse of time, remove with plenty of water. Perform 2 times a week.
In addition to trying these natural solutions to obtain a lightening effect, you can learn more treatments to achieve healthy skin by reading the beauty section.

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