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Product Description
409, 410 are high-strength stainless steel, (including chromium) however, the temperature resistance is generally only about 500-750. This sort of steel has the cheapest chromium content of stainless steels and is cheap, making it ideal for use in environments where there isn't any slight or rust corrosion and partial slight rust is allowed. 410L steel has been used as a frame for LCD monitors, and is used in automobiles, buses and containers. Stainless steel doesn't result in pitting corrosion, rust or use.
Stainless steel is also one of the strongest materials in metal substances that are building. It enables structural components to permanently maintain engineering integrity, Since steel has good corrosion resistance. Steel also combines high extensibility and power, making it effortless to machine parts to meet the requirements of designers and architects.
Production Rang :
-409 409L Cold Rolled Stainless Steel coil, Cold rolled 409 409L coil, 409 409L CRC
Thickness0.2mm - 8.0mm
Width600mm - 2000mm, the narrowed products pls check in strip products
Max coil weight25MT
Coil ID508mm, 610mm
Finish2B, 2D
Please free to contact me for the more details.
-409 409L Hot Rolled Stainless Steel coil, Hot Rolled 409 409L coil, 409 409L HRC.
Thickness1.2mm - 16mm
Width600mm - 2000mm, the narrower products please check in strip products
Max coil weight40MT
Coil ID508mm, 610mm
Please free to contact me for the more details.
Production Process and Feature
409409L Crystalline characteristics
(1) The solid and liquid two-phase region of 409L steel is very small, less than 30掳C
(2) There is almost no 纬 phase at elevated temperature. Therefore, when after pouring the 409L steel begins to crystallize, the supercooling degree of this liquid phase is big because of direct contact and at precisely the exact same time, the surface of the crystallizer promotes nucleation that is non-spontaneous. Hence, the rate of the stage is high and the formation rate is high. Fine equiaxed crystals.
The formation of fine grains on the surface is rapid, and titanium's carbides are too brief to precipitate. After the formation of this equiaxed crystal areas, columnar crystals are formed by the steel, but the 409L steel doesn't show columnar crystals. As a result of narrow temperature range in the liquid-solid two-phase zone, the 409L steel has a little component overcooling zone and the columnar crystals do not grow. Following the formation of the crystal area, at precisely the exact same time, carbon and titanium have the time to diffuse to form titanium carbide particles after a time period to promote nucleation that is non-self.
The aforementioned two reasons cause the area to generate crystals without columnar crystals. There aren't any columnar crystal structures on the section, all which are equiaxed crystals, but of different sizes. In the pouring process, if the temperatures of the slab falls to 1100掳C, if the carbon content is high, part of Cr and C type carbides, and chromium-depleted areas appear around the carbides, along with a tiny amount of 未 phase may seem. In the steel two different stages of the steel appear Now, and also the delta stage content is 32% to 60% in the zone that is plastic that is .
The carbon material of 409L steel is extremely low, even when there's a 未 phase, the amount is small. Thus, there is no big effect on performance. There is almost no 伪 鈫?纬 phase transition from high temperature to low temperature of 409L steel, so the grains are easy to grow upward, coarse ferrite construction looks, and the strength is low. From the casting, when the slab is cut the elbow is not difficult to appear. Phenomenon, affecting production that is normal. The problem in the crystallization of all 409L steel is the reduced performance brought on by grains.
The 409L/S40903 stainless steel is mainly used for manufacturing automotive exhaust gas treatment devices.Stainless Steel Coil disturbutor


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