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We have at our disposal a large number of quite good teas that have different properties and benefits for our health, which have the ability to contribute different things to our body and one of these is boldo tea.
This tea, unlike many, is not well known to humans, because it has not acquired great popularity like others, since very few know all the benefits it has to bring us, but once you know about them you will definitely want to integrate it to your life.
Discover all the properties and benefits of boldo tea and let yourself be surprised by all the wonders it has to offer to our body, although it is not recommended to take it very often, everything it gives you is so good that you will not need to drink it at all. daily.
• It is expectorant
• Sedative
• Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
• Antioxidant
• Diuretic and depurative
• Hepatoprotective, cholagogue and choleretic
• Fungicide
• Slimming
• Antiseptic
• Digestive, intestinal relaxant and carminative
• Thanks to the large number of phytochemicals it has, which, according to studies, are powerful antioxidants, they allow to prevent and treat various diseases.
• Phytochemicals reduce the damage caused by free radicals in cells.
• Due to its sedative properties, it helps in cases of constipation or diarrhea, it also relaxes the nervous system.
• Help calm anxiety, nerves and reduce insomnia, have a cup before bed and you will see that you will rest like never before.
• It treats liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, stimulates the production of bile in the gallbladder and eliminates the stones that form in this organ.
• Tea is antiseptic for the urinary tract, so it can treat cystitis, nephritis, and similar diseases.
• Helps toxins exit the kidneys and cleanse the entire system.
• It is a powerful diuretic, relaxing and purifying, a great ally for weight loss.
• It deflates and deflates the belly, at the same time that it acts on the intestinal and gastric mucosa.
• It is used in Chilean cuisine to make various dishes and drinks, such as chicho de boldo.
• Its essential oils are used to prepare perfumes, shampoos or creams.
• Boldo branches are often used as insecticides and the bark as a coloring.
• Decongests the chest.
• Relieves rheumatic ailments.
• Treat jaundice and alleviate skin problems.
• It deflates the eyes and treats earaches.
• It improves gastric metabolism, stimulates the production of stomach juices and bile, treats dyspepsia and improves intestinal health.
• It reduces uric acid levels and removes toxins from the blood.
• Reduces dizziness and headaches.
• It prevents formation of blood clots.
• Eliminate worms.
• Helps in people with syphilis and gonorrhea.
• It is not allowed in pregnant women, since it can induce abortion by stimulating uterine contractions, not even in lactation.
• Children should not consume it, nor should patients with severe liver disease, bile duct obstruction or stones.
• Taking it in excess could be toxic to the body and cause diarrhea.
• You should take a cup on an empty stomach and do not prolong its consumption for more than nine days in a row.
• It is not recommended to drink more than two cups a day
Definitely all the benefits of boldo tea are unmatched, which makes this drink really a wonder that must be part of your life.

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