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Natural appearance and comfort wear experience makes the Middle Part Lace Wig is also popular. Today I will share what is the middle lace wig and try to describe its use.

What is the Lace Front Middle Part Wig

This wig is pre-plucked in advance with 180% or 250% density, which increases the volume for your hair, with T-type separation, which means that the lace in front is invisible. The lace size of the ear to the ear is 13 inches, we use high-quality real transparent Swiss lace, which means transparent lace in the Middle Part Wig, more natural, breathable and comfortable.

What are the different uses of T wig?

1.Natural. Bystanders don’t have almost observed wigs, even in close range, it will look like your natural hair. HD transparent lace will match all kinds of skin tones, you never have to worry about using makeup powder to fix your lace color.

2. Easy. The knot has been pre-bleached, you don't need to bleach, just install it.

3.Safe. The medium hat with 3 comb and adjustable shoulder strap ensures firm stickers, preventing wigs from spreading away, so you can freely event.

4. Affordable. We offer high-quality transparent lace in affordable prices. Since the lace area of the T-type lace wig is very small, the price is competitive than the front wig in the lace, same looking as 13x4 lace front wig middle part. and the middle lace wig is a choice of 95% of the middle part of the customer.

5. Selection of styling. You can show different types of hairstyles at different times, and if you like some different styles, you can also dye, and you can make changes.

6. Protection, like most of the other wigs, you will protect your hair from environmental hazard while promoting nature's healthy growth.

If you mind that the division is fixed and enjoy this convenient hairstyle, T Lace wig is your best choice.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting

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