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I'm 6', somewhere between 2XL and 3XL shirt size. These have a nice fit, the neck is just the right size without being extremely large like with some shirts in this size. The length is around the hips which I prefer, and it fits loose but not very baggy, so it's just right. The sleeves fit about an inch above the elbow. The material is a good mix of cotton and polyester so it's somewhere between Charged Cotton and regular Cotton T-shirt. Just enough elasticity without being very stiff like 100% cotton. The thickness of the shirt is just right, although I'll have to edit my review once I receive this shirt in white, as that's the true test. If a shirt is too thin then white will be sheer instead of a solid color
Got sick and tired of all my gildan tees feeling like cardboard chainmail. These NFL jersey are just right! The shirt cut isn't "peacockish" if you catch my drift. The sleeves aren't trying to strangle my arms. Plus, the chest and waist don't imitate a wetsuit. The fabric quality is top notch. It's not suffocatingly thick nor is it incredibly sheer.
This is the type of shirt you can go for a jog or show up to a job in. They hold up to washing. I prefer to dry on the clothesline and give them a quick ironing afterward.
This shirt is a great buy, especially at the offered price. Some reviews mentioned an unpleasant oder to the fabric. There is an oder from perhaps packaging or the sizing process, but it's not unique to this garment and to me is not objectionable at all. Also the oder dissappeared after a couple of laundry days. I bought three and a week later two more. A good everyday or workout shirt.
they're much higher quality than some of the other brands you can get at this price point. Usually when shirts are this cheap Hurricanes jerseys, the colors are so awful you don't even want to wear them. I think I'll buy pretty much all the colors now, as I've been wearing these shirts for a few months now and they look great and fit just right. The logo is very unobtrusive and they're nice enough to wear not just as workout gear.

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