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S-class potatoes with a single potato quality less than 100 grams
The magical effect of boxed small potatoes:
1. Seasoning
If the soup is too salty, put several pieces of potatoes into the pot and boil them together. After the potatoes are cooked, the soup will be less flavorful.
2. Quickly fried pork
When frying pork, put a few pieces of potatoes in the pot to make the pork cook faster.
3. Prevent the bread from drying out and moldy
If you put the bread in a container, leave the lid open and it will dry hard, and the lid will get moldy. Put a piece of raw potato on the bottom of a container with bread, and then close the lid, so that the bread will not dry out and become moldy.
4. Remove pot rust
If you use a new iron pot, you will smell rust. If you put some potatoes in the pot and boil for a while, pour out the water and potatoes and wash them, you can remove the rust.
5. Remove oily smell
If the oil is left for a long time, it may give off an unpleasant smell. If you put a few potatoes into the oil and fry it, you can remove the unpleasant smell of the oil.Potato

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