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Product specification information
As the transformers on the market are large and small, the requirements for aluminum flat wires for transformers are also large and small. The specifications of our products are: 0.5 * 2.0mm, 1.0 * 4.0mm, 3.0 * 6.0mm, 6 * 10 mm and other specifications, with current temperature of 130 鈩? 150 鈩? 180 鈩? 200 鈩? resistance to wear and corrosion.
Product introduction
Aluminum flat wire for transformer is mainly used in winding of transformer, motor, generator and electrical equipment. It mainly exists in the form of enameled aluminum flat wire for transformer. The product categories are: class 155 enameled aluminum flat wire, class 180, class 200, etc;
Class 155 products have excellent mechanical strength, film adhesion and solvent resistance, light weight, good flexibility, good heat dissipation and other characteristics. It is widely used in transformer, inductance coil, electromagnetic coil, ballast, electric motor, display bias coil, degaussing coil, electromagnetic furnace, microwave oven, reactor and other fields.
180 grade products can work continuously at 180 鈩?and have good performance in mechanical properties, heat resistance, softening and breakdown, mainly used in high-quality audio and high-quality household appliances.
Class 200 products can work continuously at 200 鈩? with high temperature resistance, refrigerant resistance, excellent mechanical properties and other characteristics, mainly used in closed refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor, steel rolling motor with poor working environment, high-quality electrical tools and high-quality lighting fixtures.
Strength of the company
Company and factory introduction:
Our factory was founded in 2013. It is a national green factory specializing in manufacturing the electromagnetic wire of aluminum flat wire for transformer. The registered capital of the company is 86.2 million yuan, covering an area of 100000 square meters. At present, there are two production bases in Huzhou City, South Taihu high tech Industrial Park and shuanglinyangdao Industrial Park, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with production scale and economic benefit ranking the top in the same industry in China Based on the field of aluminum flat wire for transformer industry, the company is committed to technological innovation and market development. It has carried out extensive technical cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and multinational companies, completed a number of national, provincial and municipal level technological transformation and scientific research projects, and developed a series of new scientific and technological products. Its leading product "Xiandeng" brand series of electromagnetic wire has more than 40 models and more than 1000 specifications. It has obtained UL certification, ROHS certification and SGS Certificate in the United States, and won the honor of famous brand products in Zhejiang Province. The company drafted one Zhejiang manufacturing standard and obtained more than 30 national patents. With high temperature resistant special electromagnetic wire as the leader, the company has become one of the production enterprises with the largest export volume, the latest product model and the most complete specification in the same industry in China. Our products cover more than 30 provinces and cities in China.
In order to adapt to the market and expand the global market, Zhejiang ZEGOTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2018 in China. It specializes in overseas markets, overseas sales, and R & D centers, and purchases relevant equipment and instruments to develop better transformer aluminum flat wires.
Factory display:
Packaging display:
sales volume
1. What are your terms of delivery? Prepay 30% and pay off the balance before delivery.
2. What are your terms of payment? Telegraphic transfer letter of credit
3. Where is your loading port? Shanghai Port
4. How long can we receive your team's email reply? Within 24 hours
5. What certificates do you hold? Iatf16949: 2016 international quality management systemAluminum Flat Wire manufacturers


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