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„Plantain»- a rechargeable transport card used to pay for travel on public transport in St. Petersburg. January 1, 2011.You can issue any valid non-concessional long-term ticket to the Plantorozhnik card and / or use the card in the "electronic wallet" mode.General characteristics„Plantain" is a contactless plastic card Mifare Plus X 4k, designed to store funds in order to travel by transport. In fact, it is a transport e-wallet, and also allows you to record various types of travel tickets.In addition to the form factor of the "Plantain" plastic card with various designs, it is also offered in the form of key chains.Card functionalityThe card can be purchased at cash desks and vending machines at St. Petersburg metro stations upon payment of the cost of an electronic carrier of 60 rubles and a minimum contribution of 41 rubles (metro) or 33 rubles (ground transport), which is the cost of one trip in the corresponding mode of transport. In the future, the cardholder through the cash desks and subway machines can replenish its account in the amount of 1 to 15,000 rubles. The card is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase of the ticket, or from the moment of the last replenishment of the resource.From January 1, 2017, single tickets with a specific validity period can be registered on the „Plantain": „90 minutes" (cost 65 rubles from 01/01/2018)[1] and „Daily" (180 rubles per day, 680 rubles per week). In this case, the card cannot simultaneously contain tickets of different types or durations, although it is allowed to record several of the same.Types of transportIn 2020, the Podorozhnik card is used to pay for trips on the metro, tram, and bus. Bus transportations paid for with the help of Podorozhnik include the routes of buses and minibuses of not only municipal, but also commercial carriers. Since December 12, 2017, Podorozhnik can also be used in suburban electric trains of the North-West Suburban (SZPPK). Payment by card was also accepted in river transport – an aquabus that ply along the Neva during the summer navigation periods in 2010-2015.Coverage areaAn electronic account of the Podorozhnik card is valid on the territory of St. Petersburg and on commuter trains. The introduction of the system on the routes of the Leningrad Region was not initially planned. From May 20, 2018, payment for travel with the Podorozhnik card became possible on the K-596a routes (Ulitsa Dybenko metro station – Kudrovo, Stroiteley Avenue) and No. 692 (Ulitsa Dybenko metro station – Kudrovo, Lenta shopping center).↑ Excluding the cost of the media↑ one 2 3 From the moment the ticket was recorded↑ Since the last replenishmentModificationsKeychain „Plantain"On March 16, 2016, trinkets based on the Plantorozhnik card appeared on sale in two design options. The functionality has not changed. The key rings were produced in a limited edition and sold out completely in one day.In the future, key fobs were produced only in themed versions: for the 2016 World Ice Hockey Championship, the passenger transport forum "SmartTransport 2016" and the 30th anniversary of the State Public Institution "Transportation Organizer". In almost all cases, key fobs were sold out in a day, since their circulation was small (nevertheless, key fobs were sold at SmartTransport 2016 during the entire event, since it was necessary to write down 400 rubles on them upon purchase). Keyrings for the 30th anniversary of the GKU „Organizer of Transportation" were sold in the OrgP office for several weeks with a balance sheet of 900 rubles.Combined „Plantain" and „Troika"On June 2, 2017, the joint co-branded cards Troika-Podorozhnik were issued. In St. Petersburg, such a card could be bought at the Ploschad Vosstaniya metro station. Since June 30, a new batch has gone on sale at all stations. On the map sold in St. Petersburg, the sights of Moscow are marked in blue, St. Petersburg – in green, in the middle there is an inscription "Two cities – one card". The reverse side contains information about the „Plantain" (left side) and „Troika" (right side) cards. The Moscow card is designed like a regular Troika, the reverse side is unchanged.In the St. Petersburg metro, you can use the Troika-Podorozhnik card only through turnstiles no. 2, no. 3 and no. 4.Petersburg CardIt allows you to go with discounts to various museums and on excursions, and provides special offers. It also includes the capabilities of the „Plantain" card. There are three ways to purchase a card:place an order in the online store and pick it up at one of the pick-up points;place an order in the online store with delivery to the hotel;purchase at one of the points of sale.A list of points of sale and points of issue is given on the official website.The cost of the card for 2 days is 3500 rubles, for 3 days – 4700 rubles, for 5 days – 5800 rubles, for a week – 6500 rubles. An e-wallet is valid for 3 years from the date of last use.„City map"„City Map" combines an electronic wallet and a loyalty card for trade enterprises using MFID technology. In particular, for every 10 metro trips, 1 ruble is charged to the card. Using the City Map, you can go to theaters without queues by presenting your card to the ticket-keeper, use intercepting parking lots for free, receive discounts on air tickets (after activating the Traveler service) and use loyalty programs of some companies.The card can be purchased at the St. Petersburg metro ticket offices from August 1, 2016. The color of the card corresponds to the color of the line on which it was purchased.You can manage the map on the website and using a bot in the Telegram messenger.Transport card „Beeline"Option „Plantain" for subscribers of the mobile operator „Beeline". It is presented in three versions: a classic plastic card, a key fob and a sticker on the phone. In addition to the capabilities of the standard „Plantain", the card can be replenished from a mobile phone account, when replenishing via SMS, the replenishment commission will be 3%, and 10% of the payment amount will be returned to the Client’s bonus balance. The bonus balance is charged monthly from the 1st to the 10th day. Also, the card can be replenished in a standard way at the ticket offices and metro terminals.You can buy a card in Beeline communication shops.Story2011January 1 – Appearance of the „Plantain" card at the ticket offices of the St. Petersburg metro.June 1 – introduction of a system of discounts. The introduction of a limit on the re-presentation of the ticket.2015 yearDecember – the limit on re-presentation of the card at the turnstile was canceled; it has been replaced by a ten-minute timeout, during which the cost of 1 token will be deducted from the account during validation.2016 yearMarch 16 – Appearance of key fobs on the basis of „Plantain" on sale.July – introduction of the "City Map" loyalty card, which also contains the "Plantain" functions.2017 yearJanuary 1 – introduction of tickets „90 minutes" and „Daily". They were planned to be introduced in the fall of 2015.June 2 – Appearance on sale of the „Plantain" card, combined with the Moscow „Troika".December 12 – the card is valid for commuter trains.

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