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鈽匫ur History
TOP WAY CULTURAL CREATIVITY CO., LTD was founded in 1996. We got the customer's favor with our experienced design, professional technology and sincere service. Now, TOPWAY had produced thousands of mascots and had profound experience and customers worldwide.
鈽匫ur Factory
In response to the global trend and the booming development of the cultural and creative design industry, TOPWAY set up Taiwan鈥檚 first Mascot outfit physical display center. The design team customized a mascot for each customer, and has a factory independent workshop and tailor. The division assists in production. From mascot design, material selection, proofing, production, after-sales service, we have a very complete production line.
鈽匫ur Product
TOPWAY can completely independently design and produce corporate mascot doll outfits, and provide powerful doll outfit maintenance, renovation and after-sales service. The main business scope includes: mascot design, brand corporate Brand Mascot, fluffy Inflatable mascot, animal Shape Mascot, ready-made Mascot.
The fluffy inflatable mascot costume developed by TOPWAY has many advantages such as easy to carry, light weight, free from space restrictions, many changes in shape, internal ventilation and other advantages. At the same time, TOPWAY has also automatically developed a built-in fan battery, and has passed the UN38.3 (UNDOT) United Nations safety test and certification. There is no need to worry about the inspection or custom interception, and it can be shipped quickly by air, so that you can receive the product faster.
鈽匬roduct Application
TOPWAY is committed to improving the corporate image and meeting the needs of the company and events through tailor-made mascot products and services, so as to provide the company with the best image.
Mascot doll costumes can be used for large-scale celebrations, festival celebrations, amusement park stars, sports events and concerts, media interviews, corporate events, tourist attractions introductions, and even for fan pages and Youtube videos. Make the distance between the business and the customer closer and closer, making your brand more memorable. Whether it is a private or a company, this is an indispensable and important role.
鈽匫ur Certificate
TOPWAY has 25 years of production experience in Taiwan, has a number of innovative patent certificates (OTOP, SBIR) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, academic exchange experience in Taiwan universities, experience in government bidding, and signing strategic cooperation with various companies.
Main product: the fan battery used in the fluffy inflatable doll is also developed by TOPWAY and passed the UN38.3 (UNDOT) United Nations safety test certification to ensure the safety of lithium battery transportation. After the certification, the product can be quickly delivered by air, saving a considerable saving lot of time on logistics delivery.
鈽匬roduction Equipment
TOPWAY has a design and development department that can draw 2D floor plans and 3D modeling, simulations, and use a 3D printer to produce sample mascot products.
There is an independent workshop and exhibition center. The workshop uses the new Japanese JUKI industrial sewing machine and a CNC engraving machine, which can perform 2.5D engraving and cutting to ensure the accuracy of the mascot shape and the correct proportion of the body.
鈽匬roduction Market
TOPWAY has 25 years of experience production in Taiwan. Customers are located in various cities across Taiwan, including major enterprises, government agencies, schools, catering services, construction companies.
We have also received orders from all over the world, such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom. A large amount of domestic and foreign cooperation experience has made TOPWAY very high requirements for the production of costumes, and through a good transportation system and after-sales Service makes customers satisfied.
鈽匫ur Service
After the order is confirmed, the mascot that fits your mind will be redesigned according to customer needs, or partial design and scale adjustment will be made according to the mascot you provide, and three views or 3D simulation diagrams will be confirmed.
The mascot is equipped with a variety of materials and fabric colors for you to choose. LOGO with special colors and patterns can also be printed according to the special requirements of customers, and the size ratio of the body to the hands and feet will be adjusted according to the shape of the wearer's body to maximize mobility and comfort.
After the production is completed, photos and videos will be taken for you to check and confirm, and through the reinforcement of the packaging carton, choose the appropriate shipping method according to the delivery date and location to deliver to you.
If you need to clean or repair after sale, you can also send it back at your own expense. We will charge part of the cleaning fee according to the actual evaluation.Lego Fireman Costume price


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