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Nikolay Stepanovich Barsamov, (December 5, 1892 – March 10, 1976) – artist, art critic, teacher, museum worker.BiographyNikolai Stepanovich Barsamov was born on December 5, 1882 in Tiflis, into an Armenian family. In 1913 he graduated from the Rostov drawing school. Studied at the private school-studio of I. I. Mashkov in Moscow. In 1913-1917 he studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under A. E. Arkhipov, N. A. Kasatkin, K. A. Korovin.
In the late 1910s – early 1920s, he worked as a drawing teacher in the city of Izium, Kharkov province, Samara, as a retoucher in Moscow.In 1918-1919 he organized an art gallery in Izum, Kharkov province. In 1923 he moved to Feodosia. Since 1923 he began to take part in exhibitions. Founding member of the Sevastopol Association of Artists (1923-1931).Director of the Feodosia Museum of History and Archeology (1923-1936), the Feodosia Picture Gallery (1923-1962); scientific consultant of the Feodosia Art Gallery named after I. K. Aivazovsky (1962-1976).Received the title of honorary citizen of Feodosia (1962).In 1925-1962 he taught at the Feodosia art studio, and then at the children’s art school. The figure of N. S. Barsamov became a connecting link between representatives of the Cimmerian school of painting of the early and mid-20th century. The students of N. S. Barsamov were: S. G. Mamchich, V. A. Sokolov, P. K. Stolyarenko, Yu. P. Fastenko, N. A. Shorin and others.Buried at the Old Feodosia cemetery.CreationLandscape painting occupies a significant place in the work of Nikolai Stepanovich. Among the large number of such works, landscapes of the 40-50s of the are interesting. For example, „Near the Shores of Feodosia" (1956).The artist also enjoyed working in the portrait genre. From the point of view of professional painting, „Portrait of the Honored Worker of Arts Bogaevsky" (1940) is interesting. The color is masterfully selected in the picture.Also, the theme of war occupies a special place in the artist’s work. He dedicated to her such canvases as „The Enemy Came" (1942), „Stand to the Death" (1943), „Landing in Feodosia" (1941), „Return" (1946).But, despite the high skill and professionalism achieved by Nikolai Stepanovich in landscape and portrait painting, from the first years until the completion of his creative activity, still life remained the artist’s . He turned to this genre constantly. Barsamov’s still lifes are small paintings on plywood (on average 25X45) depicting vegetables and fruits. Barsamov’s still lifes are characterized by juicy color, clear modeling of forms, simplicity and severity of content. In the language of painting, the artist successfully conveys the texture and shape of the depicted object. As if to the touch you can feel the multi-layered mussels and lemon skin in the „Bowl and Vegetables" or the smell of fresh rolls and coffee in the painting „Rolls and Coffee".Awards and titlesOrder of the of Labor (25.01.1954)medalHonored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1969)

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