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Mikhail Borisovich (Mikhl Berkovich) Yakhinson (February 6, 1894, Chisinau, – 1942, Transnistria) – Jewish journalist and editor.BiographyBorn in 1894 in Chisinau in the family of Ber Girsh-Shimonovich Yakhinson, a native of Shklov, and Sheindl Yakhinson. He had (1891), David (1896) and Noah (1901), sisters Livsha (1899) and Ruhl (1904), who were born there. He made his debut as a journalist in 1911 in Russian-language publications in the south of Russia (in Odessa, Balti and Kamenets-Podolsk). He worked as a correspondent for Odessa newspapers and magazines in Yiddish „Gut Morgn" (good morning), „Unzer Labn" (our life) and „Sholem Aleichem" (peace to you). From March 1917 he was the editor of the Odessa weekly „Jewish Thought" in Russian.In 1918 he moved to Kiev, worked for the newspaper Der Telegraph (in Yiddish), and headed the central Zionist electoral bureau. In 1920 he left for Warsaw, then lived for some time in Vienna and Berlin, after which he returned to Chisinau, where he remained until the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Published in Hebrew in Gatsefir, in in Di Yiddish Post and Unzer Zeit (Nowadays, Chisinau), in Polish in Tygodnik Żydowski, and in other periodicals, including a number of Russian émigré newspapers. In Russian-language publications, in addition to his own name, he used the pseudonyms „Mikhl Yo" and „Ben-Yakhim".During the occupation of Bessarabia in July 1941, he was imprisoned in the Chisinau ghetto, from where he was transported to one of the concentration camps in Transnistria, where he died.FamilyBrother – publicist and editor Israel Borisovich Yakhinson.Nephew – electrical engineer Boris Izrailevich Yakhinson.

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