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CONGO DUST MANHOOD ENLARGER has been proven to enhance your penis :——- Safe :—— Quickly:—— and Most Importantly??? PERMANENTLY. +27634299958
Congo dust can prolong an erection for up to an hour if applied correctly.
“All will be quiet but when action time comes, ooh! You will see. For external use only. Honeymoon is good, you just take a pinch and rub it at the tip of your organ at least 30 minute's before being intimate. You know it’s working when you start feeling some heat down there. When that happens you can have a session that lasts up to an hour before you ejaculate,”
“Normally, an erection can last for two to seven minutes before ejaculation during a sexual act but if it stretches to an hour then obviously the blood vessels of the organ will be strained,”A sachet can be used for two or three times depending on the size of the organ.
No harm to diabetic or BP patients, use it, just take advantage. No side effects.


Randburg, South Africa

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