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Garment OEMA small amount of garment finished products/semi-finished products processing with supplied materials

Product Details
ProductGarment processing with supplied materials
MaterialThe customer provides materials Or we purchase the materials according to the customer's request
drawingsCustomer to provide
FeaturePrivate order
OEM/ODMService offered
Applicationgarment锛孋urtains,shoes, bed accessory,home textile etc
Payment TermT/T
Delivery Time3 to 7working days
Online orderAvailable ,for any question,pls feel free to contact us .

Our company's Garment Processing with supplied materials scope includes: Pucker, embossing, mounting rivet, Cutting piece, crimping, Laser cut flowers, eyelets installation, local suturing of garment, suturing of garment and other accessories锛孧ake sample clothes according to drawings etc.
Our company according to the popular trend of garment industry, we found the original batch mass production clothing era has gone, consumers are increasingly personalized consumption, so for our clothing operators, personalized efficient small batch production will be more and more important, our company according to the change of the market, has now been layout, small batch orders to undertake efficient, our firm has a number of experienced companies of the technician锛?we have a group of skilled workers operation, we have the most strict quality inspection personnel and responsible owner, we very glad to our company for customer service with small orders,Even if the quantity of your order is only one piece, we will undertake it happily. Our company is willing to make efforts for the production of small batches of highly efficient and personalized clothing.Garment OEM

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