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at Shipka Pass (. on „Shipka") – a memorial in memory of those who died for the liberation of Bulgaria during the defense of the Shipka Pass in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78. The monument is located on the Stoletov Peak (the peak is named after one of the leaders of the Shipka defense, Major General N. G. Stoletov) overlooking the pass. The monument was opened in 1934. Built according to the project of the architect Atanas Donkov and the sculptor Alexander Andreev with donations from the Bulgarian people. Shipka. Freedom Monument. Photo 2016 The memorial is a stone tower in the form of a truncated pyramid with a height of 31.5 m. A giant bronze lion, 8 m long and 4 m high, is located above the entrance to the tower, and the figure of a woman symbolizes the victory over the Ottoman troops. On the ground floor there is a marble sarcophagus with the remains of several killed during the defense. There are four more floors where the exposition of the Bulgarian military flags and other relics is located. The top of the tower offers a breathtaking view of the Shipka Pass and its surroundings. Shipka. Freedom Monument.Every August near the monument is held historical reconstruction of the events of 1877. An important part of the event is a memorial service for the soldiers of the Russian Empire who died here, as well as for the Bulgarian militias. Military honors are given to them, state leaders and ordinary citizens of Bulgaria lay wreaths of fresh flowers at the monument at the top of the hill as a token of their gratitude.Memorial Church of the Nativity of Christ Monument Church of the Nativity of ChristMemorial Church of the Nativity of Christ (Bulgarian Monument Church "Nativity of Christ") is better known as the Shipka Memorial Church – it is a Bulgarian Orthodox church built near the town of Shipka in 1885-1902 by the project of Anthony Tomishko in the style of Moscow churches of the 17th century by the architect Alexander Pomerantsev. It is part of the memorial complex dedicated to the memory of the Russian and Bulgarian soldiers who fell for the liberation of Bulgaria in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78.The temple was officially opened on September 28, 1902 in the presence of the generals of the Russian army and many other distinguished guests. The opening and consecration of the Shipka Memorial Church coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Battle of the Shipka Pass. In 1970 the temple was proclaimed national cultural monument…The bell tower of the church reaches a height of 53 meters, and its bells, the heaviest of which weighs 12 tons, were cast from cartridges collected after the battles. In the temple itself, the names of Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers are inscribed on 34 marble slabs. The remains of the dead are laid in 17 stone sarcophagi in the church crypt.

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