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Company Information
Tangshan Runfeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer engaged in the production, development, sales and service of clear fiberglass roofing sheets and FRP sheet, FRP sandwich panel. We have 4 workshops in South and North China, covering a total area of 50,000 square meters, and more than 300 employees. Products have various types of FRP sheet, FRP sandwich panel, fiberglass reinforced polyester roofing sheet, fiberglass reinforced plastic wall panel.
Tangshan Runfeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Excellent craftsmanship, sophisticated equipment, superb technology, fine workmanship, reliable product quality, and can be customized according to customer needs of various colors and sizes of FRP sheet and various FRP products.
Products Description
clear fiberglass roofing sheets has a good drainage system and can effectively control the flow of rainwater. The surface coating is generally made of polystyrene film with good anti-corrosion effect. It has anti-corrosion function and can extend its service life. The service life is as long as 20-25 years. With high-quality after-sales services, to create clear fiberglass roofing sheets products that satisfy customers.
The other name of clear fiberglass roofing sheets is Clear/ transparent FRP sheets, day lighting roofing board, day lighting tile, day lighting belt. Our company introduces advanced clear fiberglass roofing sheets automatic continuous production line from the United States, using high-quality raw materials from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, using high-quality polyester film, continuous molding , Edge cutting adopts water-free and dust-free cutting technology.
Packing and Delivery
First, the packaging itself must conform to the characteristics of the product to protect the product.
Second, transportation and cost factors should be considered when packaging.
It should be easy to transport and cost as low as possible.
Finally, the product packaging should be beautiful and generous, which can play a role in product promotion.
Do you offer fire proof FRP?
Yes, we can offer 2 grade fire proof FRP sheet. Also, our FRP sheet have corrosion resistance if you need. Contact us let we know more of your requirements.
Can I get a sample before order?
Yes, We can offer free sample before order. If special size/ shape please contact us for more talking.
What's your payment?
30% deposit, 70% balance after production finished and before loading.Fiberglass Sheet for sale

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