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Bread Improver
Increase volume Improve Texture Improve Mouthfeel Give steady yeast function
A bread improver is a coherent, balanced combination of baking ingredients chosen from among various manufacturing aids and raw ingredients (both cereal-based and other), mixed together in an appropriate formula.
Ascorbic Acid/Alpha-amylaze/Compound enzyme/Calcium sulphate/Emulsifier
0.3-0.5% of the flour weight
Chemsino 500 in Tin bread:
鈶燤ix dry ingredients (flour, powder flavor yeast,sugar, preservatives and Chemsino500) evenly for later use;
鈶ix water and above dry ingredients, whip until melt
鈶our above material into dough mixer and Press the dough until elastic and knead ;
鈶ivide dough into 100g per pieces and put each four pieces in a tin;
鈶?Put them in fermentation with temperature: 38-40掳C; humidity: 75-80 percent;
鈶?Put them into oven and then bake
12 month
1kgs/bag ;10kgs/carton or 20kgs/carton
Dry and ventilated environment at temperature below Max.30掳C
14.5mts for one 20GP container without PalletsCustomized Compounded Products

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