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1. Precision. We offer high-precision machining services depends on customer specifications, tolerances ranging from +/-0.001 - 0.005鈥?/p>
2. Rapid Turnaround. Using the latest CNC machines, we produce high accurate, quick turn parts in as fast as 1 day.
3. Wide Material Selection. Over 50 metal and plastic certified materials for selection.
CHR, a CNC machining company in China, was built on the philosophy of CHR, namely "Cost Effective, High Precision, Rapid Turnaround".
We are dedicated to providing CNC turning, lathing, milling, custom machined parts and components for many industries and applications.
Equipped with 5-axis CNC machining centers, automate lathes, and choose from subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies, including zinc alloy/aluminum die casting, stamping and CNC machining services. Our unparalleled capacity and automation enable us to process production parts in as fast as one day.
Why Choose Our CNC Turning Service?
Rich Experience: Our technicians have accumulated rich experience in many previous projects. They can easily handle complex and precision parts in many industries.
Advanced Equipment: We have a large number of equipment for processing and testing. Your parts will be manufactured and inspected by our advanced equipment including KOLMACH 5-axis CNC milling, FANUC 4-axis CNC machining center, Hexagon CMM and Olympus XRF analyzer, etc.
Fast Turnaround: On average, a quote will be submitted in 24 hours, the parts are shipped within 7 days or less, and our delivery time and quality rate have reached 99%.
Q: How quickly can you do my job?
A: Contact us for the best delivery times on CNC Machining. We offer prototyping, small batch runs and large volume production runs.
Q: What drawings format you need for production?
A: 2D or 3D drawing is okay. Such as PDF, CAD, STP, IGS, STL, SAT, PRT, IPT, etc.
Q: What materials can be used with CNC machining?
A: There's a wide range of materials that can be used in CNC machining, such as aluminum, steel, brass, copper, titanium, as well as rigid plastics.
Q: Can you do 5 axis milling?
A: Yes. We have four KOLMACH 5 axis Mill / Turn centers capable of performing many complex operations in a single setup. That means higher accuracy and rapid turnaround.CNC Turning factory

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