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Slat belt conveyors are a type of conveying technology that utilizes a chain-driven loop of slats to move product from one of its ends to another. The chain is driven by a motor, which causes it to cycle just as belt conveyor do. The main difference is that, instead of a plastic belt, this conveyor type uses slats connected to a chain, not dissimilar from vehicle treads. The result is a conveyor that provides a rigid, flat surface for every item on the conveyor, which is ideal for many kinds of products that cannot be used on rollers or belts due to their irregular shape. These slats are typically made of engineering plastic or metal, which allows slat conveyors to function in hazardous, high weight, and high-temperature environments. Another major advantage is that the slats can be built with unique shapes.
The slat conveyor is most useful for heavy products that would normally damage most conveyors, as well as for hot or dangerous items-SS material. Typical slat conveyors only work in straight runs, but smaller, more flexible slat chains have been made to allow for curved slat conveyors which find many uses in the food and bottle manufacturing industries.Buy Belt Conveyor


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