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Produce description:
The fence is made of willow wood, and the artificial green leaf vines on it are fixed with a cable tie, so that it will not fall off. The stakes are driven into the soil, and the fence can be fixed with ties, wire, nails or hooks. The fence can be stretched at will, the height changes with the width, and it can be placed vertically and horizontally.
It can block most ultraviolet rays, maintain a certain degree of privacy, and allow air to pass freely.
Very suitable for wall decoration, fence screen, privacy screen, privacy hedge.
Product MaterialWood trellis
Life Time3 years quality guarantee
ApplicationPerfect for Home, Office, Wedding, Party, Hotel, Interior & Exteriors Decoration and ect.
1. High-quality Material
2. Simple Installation
3. Scalable Use
4. Privacy Protection
5. Wide UsesArtificial Willow Fence suppliers

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