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JSC „Tver Carriage Works" – a Russian company located in the city of Tver, producing wagons for the needs of the railways. The governing bodies and production facilities are located on the Petersburg highway in the Zavolzhsky region. The enterprise is part of Transmashholding.Story Preferred share in the amount of RUB 187.5 bearer of the Upper Volga Society of Railway Materials with a fixed capital of 6,499,875 rubles, St. Petersburg, 1903The plant was founded in 1898 by the French-Belgian joint-stock company „Diehl and Balakan", under the name plant of railway materials… In 1915 the plant changes its name to Tver Russian-Baltic Carriage Works, and after nationalization (in 1918) changes its name to Tver Carriage Works… In the period from 1931 to the 1990s, the plant bore the name Kalinin Carriage Works… During the Great Patriotic War, in 1942, a tank repair base of the Kalinin Front operated on the territory of the plant.
From the first years of the XX century, the era of passenger car building began at the plant. Tver produces four-axle sleeping cars for the International Society of Sleeping Cars and High-Speed ​​European Trains, as well as passenger cars of all four classes, double-deck cars, service cars with saloons and sleeping compartments, passenger cars for countries with hot climates.Manufactured productsDuring the period of its operation, the plant produced two-axle freight cars and platforms, cars, mail and baggage cars, trams, trailer and head cars of electric trains, timber carriers.Currently, it produces passenger cars for long-distance trains (up to speeds of 160 km / h and 200 km / h), subway car bodies, bogies for passenger cars and subway cars, wheelsets, freight and special purpose cars, luxury cars, hydraulic vibration dampers devil.In 2007, the first car was created for the transportation of spent nuclear fuel unloaded from the reactors of the Beloyarsk NPP (Sverdlovsk Region) by rail. The car customer is the Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom). The container car was named TK-84/1. The car was created in cooperation with the Yekaterinburg enterprise Uralkhimmash, which a transport packaging container for spent fuel assemblies.In 2008, RZD supplied 1,000 .Since 2015, the production of trams model 71-911 „City Star" (City Star) has begun. The first five trams entered the streets of Tver on June 27, 2015, when the city celebrated the 880th anniversary of its foundation.The share of the plant’s products on the Russian passenger carriages market in 2010 exceeded 80%.Financial performanceThe company’s profit decreased from 410 and 50 million rubles in 2014 and 2015 to -199 million in 2016, respectively. However, the net profit increased to 616 million rubles.Major shareholdersLLC „Sapphire" – 50.6408%. The plant is part of the Transmashholding group Lokotech-service LLC – 42.4755%United trade organization OJSC „TVZ" – 2.0032%InfrastructureThe plant has a branch line with access to the Moscow – St. Petersburg highway (the main course of the Oktyabrskaya railway at the Doroshikha station).Main workshopsWagon assemblyFrame-bodyCold pressSmall series caseHeadsetWoodworkingCastingTrolleyForging and pressingAuxiliary workshopsInstrumentalBoiler roomElectric powerRoad transportDyeingExperienced productsExperimentalRepair and mechanicalProducts Ivolga electric train at the TVZ assembly shop. 2019 yearMain activities: production and sale of passenger cars and other types of rolling stock, as well as components and spare parts for them.Passenger carsWagons until 1990CMVO-66 open type reserved seat 54 seats.TsMVO-66 open type total 81 seats.61-425 open type reserved seat 54 seats.RT-200 type-1 Russian troika with seating at a speed of 250 km / h 64 seats.RT-200 type-2 Russian troika with seating at a speed of 250 km / h 38 seats.RT-200 type-3 Russian troika with seating at a speed of 250 km / h 20 seats.RT-200 type-4 Russian troika with seating at a speed of 250 km / h 18 seats.Aurora type-1 seated 64 seats.Aurora type-2 compartment with 36 seats.Aurora type-3 seated 43 seats.Aurora type-4 SV 18 seats.Old model carriages61-817 compartment with 36 seats.61-820 compartment with 36 seats.61-821 reserved seat 54 seats.61-828 open type with seating.61-4177 reserved seat 54 seats.61-4174 CB 16 and 18 seats.61-4179 compartment with air conditioning installation for 36 seats.61-4186 compartment headquarters 26 seats.61-4194 non-commercial with air conditioning installation 54 seats.Wagons of the new model range61-4170 compartment with armchairs for the Nevsky Express train 48 and 36.61-4188 with seating and one compartment for a disabled person for the 38-seat Nevsky Express train.61-4189 restaurant carriage for the Nevsky Express train.61-4440 compartment and SV 36 and 18 seats.61-4440.01 compartment or SV, 36 or 18 seats, not known.61-4440.02 compartment with 36 seats.61-4440.03 SV 18 seats.61-4440.08 compartment with 36 seats.61-4441 compartment with armchairs for 6 seats in a compartment with a total of 48 seats for the Burevestnik train.61-4442 SV headquarters 14 seats for the Burevestnik train.61-4443 SV 18 seats for the Burevestnik train.61-4444 restaurant for the Burevestnik train.61-4445 compartment headquarters 26 seats.61-4445.01 compartment headquarters 26 seats.61-4447 reserved seat 54 seats.61-4447.01 reserved seat 54 seats.61-4447.03 frost-resistant reserved seat 54 seats.61-4447.06 reserved seat 54 seats.61-4452 headquarters SV 16 seats for the Red Arrow train.61-4453 compartment 32 seats for the Red Arrow train.61-4454 compartment headquarters 20 seats for the Red Arrow train.61-4455 restaurant for the Red Arrow train.61-4458 seated for 60 seats.61-4458.01 seated for 40 seats.61-4460 restaurant.61-4461 couch 3 rows high on top of each other, 2 beds on each row 54 seats.61-4461.01 couch 3 rows high one above the other, 2 beds each with 54 seats.61-4462 compartment with 36 seats.61-4462.01 SV 18 seats.61-4463 compartment headquarters 26 seats.61-4464 restaurant.61-4465 two-story compartment for 64 seats (speed up to 160 km / h).61-4472 two-story headquarters compartment 50 seats.61-4473 two-storey restaurant with 54 seats.61-4476 compartment for 32 seats.61-4492 two-story seated for 120 seats (speed up to 160 km / h).61-4492.01 seated two-story for 60 seats (speed up to 160 km / h).61-4503 two-storey compartment for 54 seats (speed up to 160 km / h).Carts68-4063 cradle for speeds of 160 km / h.68-4064 cradle for speeds of 160 km / h.68-4065 cradle for speeds of 160 km / h.68-4066 cradle for speeds of 160 km / h.68-4075 lonely for speeds of 200 km / h.68-4076 bezelless for speeds of 200 km / h.68-4095 bezelless for speeds of 160 km / h.68-4096 bezelless for speeds of 160 km / h.Experienced series61-4483, 61-4484 – carriages for escorting repair and restoration and hopper-batching trains.81-760 / 761 – subway cars.61-4465 two-storey compartment for 64 places.61-4465.01 two-storey SV 32 seats.61-4472 two-story headquarters.61-4473 double-deck dining car.61-4504, 61-4505 – baggage and postal61-4495 – for the special contingentTP 5-3, TP 2-3 – for the transportation of containers to nuclear power plantsTK-84/1, TK-VG-18-2, TK-13T – for transportation of spent nuclear fuelElectric trains (carriages) before 199062-13 – trailed intermediate car of the ER1 electric train62-14 – trailed head carriage of the ER1 electric train62-34 – trailed intermediate carriage of the ER7 electric train62-37 – trailed head carriage of the ER9 electric train62-38 – trailed intermediate car of the ER9 electric train62-63 – trailed head carriage of the ER2 electric train62-64 – trailed intermediate car of the ER2 electric train62-73 – trailed intermediate carriage of the ER10 electric train62-77 – trailed intermediate carriage of the ER11 electric train62-103 – trailed head carriage of the ER9P electric train62-104 – trailed intermediate carriage of the ER9P electric train62-107 – trailed intermediate carriage of the ER22 electric trainElectric trainsSubway cars81-760 „Oka" – head.81-760A „Oka" – head with a through passage.81-761 „Oka" – intermediate.81-761A „Oka" – intermediate with a through passage.81-763A „Oka" – trailed intermediate with a through passage.Tram carsLLC PK Transportnye sistemy at the facilities of TVZ produces tram cars:71-911 „City Star" / „Lion"71-922 „Varyag"71-923 „Bogatyr" / „Bogatyr-M"71-931 „Vityaz" / „Vityaz-M"71-934 „Lion"TrolleybusesLLC „PK Transport Systems" at the facilities of TVZ produces trolleybuses:Trolleybus „Admiral" – planned for deliveries to Crimea and Sevastopol; a prototype was manufactured and operated in Sevastopol, but production was not started.

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