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Red – the village of settlement, Dolgorukovsky district, Lipetsk region.GeographyThe village of Krasnaya is located in the western part of the Dolgorukovsky district, 17 km west of the village of Dolgorukovo. Located on the banks of the Olshanets River.StoryKrasnaya (Shcherbachevka) arose no later than the first half of the 19th century. The name „Shcherbachevka" was derived from the dialect word „Shcherba, shcherbina", that is, a failure, a deep hole.In the „List of inhabited places" of the Oryol province in 1866, it is referred to as „the owner’s village Krasnaya (Krasnoe, Shcherbachevka) with wells, 38 yards, 428 inhabitants".In 1905, the inhabitants of the Krasnaya village were in the parish of the Transfiguration Church in the village of Vyazovoye.In 1926, there were 59 households and 346 residents in the village of Krasnoe (Shcherbachevka).During the Great Patriotic War, Krasnaya was by the Nazis. On December 2, 1941, units of the 134th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht captured a number of settlements northwest of the regional center – Vyazovoye, Krasotynovka, Red, thereby pushing the forces of the 6th Division of the Red Army to Dolgorukovo. On December 10, 1941, during the Yelets offensive operation, the village of Krasnaya was liberated.Until 1928, the village was part of the Bogato-Platovskaya volost of the Yeletsky district of the Oryol province. In 1928, it became part of the Dolgorukovsky of the Yeletsky district of the Central Black Earth region. After the division of the Central Black Earth District in 1934, the Dolgorukovsky District became part of the Voronezh Region, in 1935 – the Kursk Region, and in 1939 – the Oryol Region. Since January 6, 1954, as part of the Dolgorukovsky district of the Lipetsk region.PopulationTransportKrasnaya is connected by dirt roads with the villages of Vesyolaya, Krasotynovka, Kamenka, and the village of .

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