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The headaches are the order of the day. There are more and more situations that can cause a discomfort that affects our head in an unpleasant way. There are people who experience these conditions very regularly. The most common thing when these things affect us is to take a pain reliever. Here, we want to show you how to treat headaches without medication.
There are good reasons to consider this option. Taking pain relievers frequently can have some side effects on our health as a consequence. Some have even become addicted to them, and must take them even when it is only a mild headache. But there are other effective alternatives that we want to show you.
Relieves headache without using medications
Before starting with the steps or ways to treat headaches, we want to indicate some things that you will need to have on hand, and also different options to treat it.
Things you will need:
• A warm compress
• A vaporizer
Here are some easy-to-apply options if you're suffering from severe headaches and don't have medications nearby.
Apply a warm compress
You should apply a warm compress to your forehead. With the heat that this presents you, it will help the blood vessels in the head to expand; This can improve circulation and help relieve pain.
Lie down in a cool dark room
If possible, find a cool, dark room and go to bed. Don't let rays of light enter. Block out light and room noise as much as possible. Let your body relax, and try to sleep, if you can.
Using meditation techniques can also help calm your mind and headaches. For this you must close your eyes and find the concerns to place them as visual images. So imagine that you are enjoying in some pleasant environment where there is no pain; It could be a warm mountain cabin, or even watching the snow fall outside.
Gentle massages
Gentle massages around the eyes can provide relief. It is more advisable that you ask someone, if that possibility exists, to do it for you while you relax. And try to control the pressure, since otherwise you would not be contributing to generate relief but to increase the pain.
Get away from the annoying environment
Minimize interactions with other people. For example, if you need to stay in a crowded environment, such as in the workplace, let your colleagues know that you have a headache, so they are more likely to lower their voices, and give you a certain space to will relieve.
Eat some light food
Have a snack or light meal if you have a headache, unless nausea is what you have. Some of the headaches arise because the person's blood sugar drops, perhaps because they have not eaten for a period of time. In other cases, some headaches occur after the person has eaten certain foods. Knowing your headache triggers can help you avoid them.
Stretches the muscles
Stretching your neck and shoulder muscles can also help relieve tension that is causing your headache. Lower your head slowly, tilt it left, back, and then right to stretch your neck. Try to stretch your shoulders slowly as well as your back.
Put a towel on your neck or head
Drape a towel over your head and inhale the hot steam from a vaporizer. This will help open your sinuses, and can help reduce headaches noticeably. You can also drink a hot tea or have a hot broth to help open your sinuses, with similar results.
With so many problems that we face on a daily basis, it is very easy to experience headaches. So we can fall into the tendency to use medicine every time we have it. By knowing how to relieve headaches without the use of medications, you will be taking better care of your own health.

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