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We currently live in the world of developed information technologies and natural disasters. People come across with risks in everyday life, in business, in public agencies and other different spheres. Hazard is a factor which can lead persons to the dire consequences, for example, make people ill. Hazards are different from each other. They can be cause of injury, economic loss or death. Human beings might turn out in difficult situations and be exposed by criminal and non-criminal hazards. The main issue is how to prevent, reduce, and avoid the impact of such risks. In order to know the hazards better, the description of them and mitigation effects will be considered in this paper.
To protect yourself from risks, it is necessary to figure out the work conditions. They can be a cause of injury, economic loss or death. Non-criminal hazards are physical, biological, ergonomic, and chemical hazards. The biological hazards occur when people work with animals, ill people or unsafe plant materials. The specialists of a medicine sphere, hotel and restaurant business, and nursing homes may be exposed to biological hazards. The main causes that can result in illness are: blood or other fluids, insect bits, plant, virus, bacteria. The physical hazards are the most common and can be met at workplaces from time to time. This type of hazard implies unsafe conditions that lead from injury to death. The effects that can cause such accidents as frayed cords, improper wiring, continuous loud noise, ultraviolet rays, hear and cold, work of any raised area as roofs, ladders, and mobile equipment. The ergonomic hazards happen when working and body conditions put strain on person’s body and include poor posture, frequent lifting, repeating the same movements all time, awkward movements, poor lighting. The chemical hazards occur in the special workplaces where chemical preparation is done. Some workers who are sensitive to chemicals might cause disease, skin irritation, and breathing disorders. The workers of this sphere should beware of cleaning products such as paints, acids and solvents, different types of gases and explosive chemicals.
Today, human beings are aware of the criminal hazards that include working with computers. Everyone, whose computer machines are misused, can be at risk of a criminal prosecution. For example, if employees used their computers to sale secret information, break into other computer systems, or commit electronic crime it can lead to objectionable consequences. The affected party may find his machines can be seized by law enforcement officials to prove the computer crime.
In order to prevent the risks, state and local governments provide a mitigation planning to identify hazards and develop necessary strategies for property persons and their property from such effects. The State of Ohio standard was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
The mitigation measures are one phase of emergency management cycle that includes response, recovery, and preparedness. The Ohio’s priority hazards are tornadoes, winter and summer storms, drought, earthquakes, wildfire and other ones. The impact of natural hazards in the New York region showed that procedures reduced the cost of repairing landslide damage towards highways by over 90 per cent.
Everybody may face dangerous cataclysms, electronic frauds, and other unsafe reasons for concern, so people should be acquainted with different potential hazards. If humans can recognize what things might lead to loss or injury, they are able to prepare for those cases. In such a way, individuals must understand that a lot of hazards exist in a community, and they should beware of them and be willing to remove or avoid danger.

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