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I have heard dr. Phil say this (sure, the brilliant "weight-reduction plan professional"), in addition to bob greene, oprah's private teacher. These human beings are seemed upon as icons, but they may be g  Para Keto  iving out false records. Muscle does no longer weigh more than fats. Pass do the experiment yourself proper now. Seize two pounds of fowl fat and weigh it, after which weigh  kilos of chicken meat (muscle). Which weighs extra? Neither. Two kilos of fats weighs the same as  pounds of muscle,  pounds. Muscle is greater dense than fats and it takes up much less area. Consequently, it'd be perfect to add muscle for your frame because it's extra dense, creates curves, and it will increase your metabolism. Weight reduction truth #7 - you can't spot lessen doing 1000 leg lifts may not reduce your thighs any quicker


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