Price : $200.00 baba messe
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I need a spell caster with 'spiritual rats' for money spell in america canada australia and europe Durban/soweto/Nelspruit/Polokwane/free state/east London 0634299958.
I have been in South Africa for a long time and other countries and I have realized how much the power of money spells in USA is needed, I charge R.5000 or $500 as an upfront fee. All my results happens with in 24 hours, Am called Traditional healer/ spiritual healer/ Sangoma  baba Messe and i specialize mainly in amagundwane/spiritual rats together with my great fathers and i perform the ritual which is a mixture of magic and muthi.“A person must state how much he wants. You can state R.500,000 to R.10 millions – the rats will deliver it for you wherever you are! No one sees them because it’s magic,” I Baba Messe from Gauteng i can assure you that this is the only legit way rats can make you rich.
“The person who requests the money is allowed to spend it on anything he or she wants for the rest of their life. But he or she can go back again and request for another ritual its fine. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money, period, no questions asked,” My Potential money Spells in roodepoort, Germiston,Namibia,uk, usa,sweden, netherlands,canada, australia,iceland,ireland, oman, pakistan, Gaborone,port elizabeth,north west,Johannesburg,Mafikeng, Polokwane, sandton, East London, Nelspruit, soweto, Lesotho, Swaziland,Botswana Can Help You Attract Cash & Strike it Rich. Get the Wealth You Deserve!
If you're not completely satisfied we'll refund your money, period, no questions asked,”
Baba Messe;


Randburg, South Africa

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